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When will my baby sleep through the night?

You may find yourself asking this question frantically after being up and down a million times trying to get your baby to settle down and sleep without you holding them. Through the bleary eyes of sleep deprivation, you're searching for tips and tricks to help your baby fall asleep on their own only to find conflicting information that leads to more confusion, frustration, and tears.

Eventually, out of a need for survival, you end up bringing the baby to your bed. It doesn't exactly fix your lack of sleep though. (Have you ever slept next to a squirmy baby? It's like trying to snuggle an octopus.) Slowly, you lose more and more sleep and the lack of recovery for your brain leads to increased stress. It starts to affect your relationship with your baby and partner, your patience, your work, your memory, and your self confidence as a parent. You inevitably venture into social media groups where you get a whole lot of: this is normal, oh it's just a phase/sleep regression/developmental milestone/growth spurt/teething, just sleep when the baby sleeps, and (my personal favorite) hang in there. Wait, how does this help you solve anything? It doesn't, because you. need. sleep.

no, really. you do.

Sleep deprivation increases your risk of postpartum depression. Our brains cannot fully function if we don't get enough restful sleep each night. If your brain isn't functioning, you're not your best self and neither is your baby. Babies require more sleep than adults (7-8 hours vs 11-12 hours at night) because their brains are going through such rapid development during the early years of their lives. Our goal is to help all family members get the restful sleep they so desperately need in order to THRIVE instead of being stuck in a constant survival mode.

There is hope

Whether you're desperate for help (like, yesterday), cautiously curious and optimistic, or flat out skeptical if sleep coaching is the right fit for you family, we'd love to hear from you. Our Pediatric Sleep Consultants are eager to end depletion amongst parents and the first step is getting enough sleep to recharge your batteries.Once your whole family is sleeping better, you'll have more energy and patience to be the kind of parent you've envisioned being. You'll enjoy your children more during the daytime and bedtimes won't be a battle anymore. Now, doesn't that sound like the kind of help you were envisioning getting when you reached out for sleep advice?

sleep doesn't have to be a daydream

We have found the most effective way to help babies sleep independently that results in the least amount of tears compared to other programs or strategies because our program is customized to fit your baby's unique needs. Books can't interpret your baby and books can't support you like we can. Through our 3 step process you will be guided through interpreting your baby's cues, communicating with them effectively, and helping them learn new sleep associations that will lead them towards a lifetime of healthy sleep habits.

amazing, right?!

After your detailed sleep assessment, we'll make a recommendation based on the information you've given us about your baby, your current situation, and your ideal scenario. One of us will spend up to 72 hours in your home with you as we observe your baby in real time, talk you through what we're doing, and make suggestions with the information we're gathering. By the time we leave, your little one will be sleep trained. They will be independent sleepers and you will have your bed back. We are also going to support you through the first month after our visit to help you stay on track with following the new routine and answer any questions you may have along the way.

so, what's the catch?

Well, we haven't found one. We are fully invested in clients who are fully invested in us. We're not interested in overbooking ourselves and slacking on the follow through. You aren't just buying a few hours of eduction and some calls/emails, you are investing in continuous, expert support through the most difficult hurdle all parents face, a personalized sleep plan to fit your child, in the comfort of your own home, and a lifetime of results. Results that will have a positive ripple effect for your entire family. When babies are independent sleepers: families get their evenings back, big kids get to spend quality time with their parents, couples get some one-on-one time again, parents get "me time", and babies wake up happier. The amount of relief and joy this new-found freedom will bring is simply priceless. Who wouldn't want that? It's really a no brainer!

Yes, we travel to any state or country!

Packages range between
$1595 - $7,995

We’ve been raving about you to everyone who will listen. We were honestly skeptical but it’s been amazing! Our twins go down at 7 and don’t make a peep. Thank you a thousand time over! You’ve given us the ability to sleep again, a schedule we can work with, and a routine we can live by.
— Tiffany N.

how it works

  • Fill out a sleep assessment application
  • If you are a good candidate, you will get a free sleep assessment by phone
  • We will discuss routines, goals, and expectations for you and baby
  • We will schedule your 48-72 hour session
  • 50% retainer due upon contracting
  • Reminder due 7 days prior to session
  • **Sleep Magic Happens**
  • Session wrap-up meeting on final day
  • Custom sleep guide for child's caregivers
  • Weekly check-ins
    (30 minute phone calls for the first 4 weeks following in-home session)
  • One month of unlimited email support
  • Access to exclusive online community for ongoing support as child grows

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Perfect for

  • Exhausted parents who know their family will thrive with more sleep
  • Families who can stick to a routine if given appropriate recommendations
  • Parents who are OK with some crying but want to minimize tears
  • Babies or toddlers who are healthy and between 12 weeks - 4 years old
  • Parents who want their babies sleeping in their own space
  • Families who are invested in good results
  • Families who know an expert sleep consultant will be the easiest way for their family to get the rest they deserve.
  • Families who can commit to no travel for 2 weeks following their coaching session.

Thank you so much for being there. Your support when sleep training Klara has been amazing, she’s been going down so fast! I am loving the fact that I can just lay her down and she goes to bed all on her own. What a huge relief!
— Abigail P
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Remote Sleep Consulting

While we highly recommend our live-in sleep support as the most effective way to accomplish the goal of better sleep, we do understand that it's not always the right fit for everyone. If you desire help to determine the best approach for your baby's sleep plan, advice in implementing it, and virtual support when sticking to your boundaries through sleep training, then our remote sleep consulting services may be right for you. Be advised that results cannot be guaranteed in the same manner our in-person services can be. The success of this program is dependent on parents' ability to follow through on recommendations and maintain ongoing healthy sleep habits for their child. 

Remote Sleep Consulting includes:

  • Detailed questionnaire
  • 1 hour sleep assessment by phone
  • Observation of baby's behaviors (by camera)
  • Customized sleep plan
  • Group webinar session: Healthy Sleep Foundations for Infants and Toddlers
  • On-call virtual support through first 48 hours of sleep training
  • Weekly phone calls (30 minutes each) for first month after session
  • Unlimited email support for first month after session
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group with other sleep clients and our sleep pros 

Sleep Consulting programs are only held a few times each year and each are limited to 5 qualified families. Candidates for this program are committed to attending all sessions, following suggested guidelines, remaining consistent with their child's routine, and getting. more. sleep. (Finally!) Cost of program ranges from $750 - $1450, depending on child's needs as determined through questionnaire and sleep assessment call. Payment is due in full prior to receiving custom sleep plan.

Sound do-able? Great! Fill out our sleep application below and we'll chat more soon.

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you and your baby will be so much happier when you're all getting plenty of sleep. Ready to make those dreams a reality?