5 Reasons Dads Need Doulas

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It is common for expecting fathers to feel anxious and somewhat unprepared to take on their new role as “Dad.” Unless their career revolves around caring for pregnant women, it is perfectly normal to not have all of the answers when preparing for a new arrival. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to calm nerves and answer the endless questions that arise in early parenthood.

One of the most important resources for new parents to utilize is a doula. A doula is an individual who can help prepare parents by answering questions, being present during labor and birth to coach both parents and make them feel more comfortable, and by supporting the family in their home after birth as they learn how to care for their newborn.

Little Apple Doulas is dedicated to creating a positive birth and parenting experience for both moms AND dads. In fact, it’s a goal of ours to help dads feel as involved and connected to the experience as they wish to be and not allow for our presence to make dads feel alienated or incompetent. With Father’s Day around the corner, we felt compelled to discuss ways in which dads can benefit from having a doula present and keep his focus on being the Best Dad Ever.

1. Doulas are awesome resources.

Doulas are trained to know what is normal when it comes to pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum recovery. They are also connected to a plethora of local resources to help your family get what you need in a timely manner. Having a doula at your disposal will allow you to ask plenty of questions and become familiar with what to expect during and after the birth – it’s like having Google right there in the room!

2. Doulas help with the labor process.

As many already know, labor can be an intense and potentially long process. While they may not be the one going through labor, dads still have an important job of supporting their partners physically and mentally, but they may not know exactly how to be the best help. That’s where a birth doula can step in and aid birth partners in providing excellent support and helping them feel confident in doing so. Imagine how much stronger the relationship will be when both parents work well together to bring their baby into the world. What a great way to start off parenthood!

3. Doulas are baby whisperers.

Babies are unpredictable and they come with a language all their own. Luckily, your doula knows how to interpret baby’s cues and can help parents read those cues to meet their baby’s needs. Postpartum doulas join families in their homes to also aid them in keeping up on household tasks, preparing meals, answering questions, and caring for baby so parents can get some much needed rest. Everything is little less stressful when you aren’t also sleep deprived!

4. Doulas help calm your nerves.

The birth of a new child can be overwhelming for a new father. It is hard to watch someone you love in pain and not be able to "fix it". When you hire a doula, you can leave your stresses behind and trust that this person has you and your partner’s best interests in mind. Doulas get to know your family throughout the pregnancy, which allows them to serve as a calm, steady, confident, reassuring, and compassionate cheerleader through the entire journey to parenthood.

5. Doulas are there to support you.

A doula is there to support your entire family during the most important time in your life. They are there for you prior to the birth to help you feel prepared, during the birth process, and through months of postpartum recovery to ensure a smooth transition. Doulas really do it all and take pride in going the extra mile to be of service to your family during this beautiful milestone so you can feel confident and prepared to handle your promotion to BEST DAD EVER.

At Little Apple Doulas, we’re on a mission to make early parenthood a less stressful and more enjoyable experience for everyone. To learn more about how our staff can best support your family’s journey, schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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